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Rehabilitation (PT/OT/Speech/Cardiac/Pulmonary): Patient Education

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Patient Education and Consumer Health

The purpose of this Guide is to provide quick access to some of the best patient education sources currently available. 

These are some of the best and most reliable sources for patient handouts, as reviewed by medical Librarians. 

Best Bet:


Patient Handouts

     *  MedlinePlus Health Topics
     *  Clinical Key Patient Education This link opens in a new window
     *  Choose PT
     *  Spinal CORD:Injury Information Network Rehab Tip Sheets

Physical Fitness

     *  Mayo Clinic Fitness Basics Provides fitness information and expert exercise advice, including instructions for strength training, core exercises, strength training and use of a fitness ball.
     *  MedlinePlus Handouts on Physical Fitness This consumer health site from the National Library of Medicine links to a wide array of patient handouts on physical fitness from government, professional organization, and voluntary health agency sites. Includes foreign language content.
     *  Exercise & Older Adults Tool Kit (National Institute on Aging)