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Rehabilitation (PT/OT/Speech/Cardiac/Pulmonary): Journal Club

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Setting up a Journal Club

     *  Nursing Journal Clubs & the Clinical Nurse Specialist [pdf]     Alternative Link to FT.
     *  Nursing Journal Club Facilitator's Workbook

     *  World Wide Journal Club - PEDro

     *  Journal Club - Community & Oral Health Library

Choosing Articles to Discuss

  • Your Medical Librarian recommends sticking with journals for Ascension Wisconsin has online subscriptions.  Many of these are listed on the Rehab LibGuide under the Journals Tab.  Many Rehab staff already get New Issue Alerts / eTOCs for many of those titles.  As they scan through new issues, they may see articles they want to recommend for Journal Club.
  • If you want an article on a specific topic, I can always run a search to help you identify current articles on a given topic.  Someone from REHAB would have to choose the article.   

Appraising Articles

     *  FTPA Open Journal Club
     *  Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) LibGuide - Critical Appraisal