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Patient Education for Ascension WI Associates.


The purpose of the Diabetes Education Resources guide is to help Ascension Wisconsin Associates provide highly reliable and quality education resources to their patients and families, helping them live well with diabetes.  

Diabetes Education Resources - Getting Around this Guide

     *  Exercise
     *  Healthy Coping
     *  Healthy Eating
     *  Problem Solving
     *  Reducing Risks
     *  Monitoring
     *  Medication

Diabetes Subject Matter Experts

Contact your Ascension Wisconsin Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists:

Amy Prout - RDN CDCES

Joanne Archer -  DNP, RN, CNS, BC-ADM, CDCES

Brenda Kalchbrenner - RDN CDCES

Linda Wright - RDN CDCES 

Lee A. Cleveland - RDN, CDCES, MBA

For more information on Diabetes, please see Diabetes Management intranet web page