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Ebsco eBooks  - A good mix of medical, nursing, and leadership ebooks and audiobooks.

Ebsco Audio Books  - A small collection of audio books in business and leadership.

     *  Ebsco eBooks and AudioBooks
     *  Ebsco eBooks Basics [Video 54 min.]


Ebsco eBook Help Topics include:

     *  Recommended Browser Settings

     *  Searching for eBooks

     *  eBook Detailed Record

     *  eBook Viewer

     *  Downloading an eBook

     *  eBooks and the My EBSCOhost Folder

     *  Creating a Note on eBooks

     *  Saving eBook Pages for Printing or Emailing

     *  Citing eBook Passages

Downloading EBSCO eBooks to Mobile Devices

1. Navigate to the EBSCO eBooks page on your Library's website.

2. Set up a My EBSCOhost account.  If you already have a My EBSCOhost account, please skip to step 3.

3. Check out an EBSCO eBook.

4. Download the eBook to your mobile device for offline reading.

The best way to read Ebsco eBooks is from the EBSCO Mobile app. You can select your eBook and read it directly from the app. This app is available to both iPhone and Android.

Note: No Adobe ID is required when accessing eBooks via this app.

Need Assistance? We are happy to help!   Please contact Your Librarian :

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Manager & Medical Librarian
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Phone (414) 585-1626
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