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Search Tips & Tutorials: PubMed / MyNCBI

MyNCBI allows for personalized PubMed Searching with your preferences, filters, and saved searches. 

You can also tap into fulltext from Ascension Wisconsin Library Services and easily order articles.

It's free!


PubMed Medline

Tips for local Ascension Wisconsin users:

  1. If you use the PubMed links on the Asc. WI Library pages, you'll tap into our fulltext offerings.  
  2. If we don't have online access to a particular article, you'll be able to order it easily through PubMed by clicking on the Ascension icon. 

PubMed: My NCBI - Getting Started, Help & Tutorials


My NCBI is your personal space on the NLM computer system for saving searches, search results, PubMed preferences, and for creating automatic email alerts. Click on the My NCBI link at the top right of the PubMed window to get started.

PubMed MyNCBI: Registration is required (available at no charge).

Note:  To use My NCBI, you must have cookies enabled to allow pop-up windows from 
Pages are available for (click tab):

  • Saving your search and creating automatic e-mail alerts
  • Managing searches
  • Saving results in Collections and My Bibliography
  • Search Filters
  • Using Preferences and Showing AW Online Links



MyNCBI Instructional Videos

Instructional Video Clips:

[Note: These are all older now, and a little out-of-date, but can still be helpful if you are trying to do specific tasks in MyNCBI.]