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PubMed Medline

Tips for local Ascension Wisconsin users:

  1. If you use the PubMed links on the Asc. WI Library pages, you'll tap into our fulltext offerings.  
  2. If we don't have online access to a particular article, you'll be able to order it easily through PubMed by clicking on the Ascension icon. 

What is PubMed?

Stats as of April 2021.

PubMed Medline

Free access to Medline back to 1946 from The National Library of Medicine.  This link also includes links to our Ascension Wisconsin fulltext ejournals. Just make sure you are accessing on site or remotely via VPN / Citrix.

PubMed Training Resources

Peer Review - PubMed and Medline

Good news! Most of the journals in the Medline subset of PubMed/Medline are peer reviewed. 

Generally speaking, if you find a journal citation in PubMed/Medline you should be just fine.   Be sure to limit to the Medline subset within PubMed.  However, as you can see in the PubMed FAQ below, there is no way to limit your results within the PubMed or Ovid Medline to knock out the few publications that are NOT considered refereed titles.

If you use search techniques designed for evidence-based practice, you should be ok, since peer review is baked into the best evidence process.  Science is about consensus.  


Limiting to Medline Journals in PubMed:

Run your search in PubMed

     >  On the right side of the page, you'll see a list of filters to narrow your search results.  

If you don't see Medline listed, click on Additional Filters.

Then choose Journals > Medline > Show.

Back on your results list, be sure to choose Medline to apply this filter to your search results.

If you want to go deeper, Ebsco (a third party vendor) does provide a list of all titles within Medline and lets you see which titles are considered peer reviewed. You can check if your chosen journal is OK - see the "Peer Review" column in the report below to see the very small list of titles that don't make the cut.