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Evidence-Based Practice: AJN's EBP Series: Step-by-Step

This guide is designed to assist health care professionals to become effective and efficient users of the medical and nursing literature.

AJN's EBP Series : Step-by-Step

This series was published in the American Journal of Nursing, 2009-2011.  It came from The Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation's Center for the Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice.

"Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a problem solving approach to the delivery of health care that integrates the best evidence from studies and patient care data with clinician expertise and patient preferences and values.  When delivered in a context of caring and in a supportive organizational culture, the highest quality of care and best patient outcomes can be achieved.

The purpose of this series it to give nurses the knowledge and skills they need to implement EBP consistently, one step at a time. "  -

 -from "Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry," the first article in the series.

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