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R2 Digital Library

  • A small but growing collection of eBooks.

R2 Search Tips

R2 Digital Library is a collection of nursing and medical eBooks available through Rittenhouse.  The Ascension Wisconsin Libraries purchase selected titles from this vendor.   To make suggestions for additional titles to purchase, contact Your Librarians.

Notes on using R2 :

1) You have to be at an Ascension Wisconsin work computer to use it. 

Alternatively, you can set up a personal account to use it remotely.  The initial set-up needs to be done onsite so that your account is associated with our AW License.  

2) For most ebooks on R2, we only have a single license, which means only 1 person can be using it at any given time.  

If you get a turnaway notice, it is usually because you are still signed in via another browser window. Be sure to log out officially. Closing the window keeps you logged in until it times out in 10 minutes, or try again later. 

 3)  The R2 Digital Library enables users to print and email sections of any resource on the platform. To comply with publishers' copyright policies, if a resource receives more than 60 print or email requests or 20% of the total number of HTML pages that comprise the resource on the R2 Digital Library over a 24 hour period, then print or email functionality will be temporarily suspended "time out" for that resource. Users will receive a notification upon crossing the 75% threshold of allowable print or email requests.

eBooks on R2 are meant to be used as a reference book, for quick look-ups.  Not really the kind of thing people sit down and read cover-to-cover. 

For information on how to use R2 Library efficiently, see the links and videos below :

R2 How To: QuickStart for Library Users [2 min. 11 sec.] 

R2 Library How To: Creating a Deep Link [2 min.]

Need Assistance? We are happy to help! Please contact Your Librarian :

Michele Matucheski, MLIS, AHIP
Medical Librarian - Ascension Wisconsin
Phone  (920) 223-0340

Available Monday - Friday


Remote Access for R2 - Admin Creates User Account

Users can create a personal R2 account while on site, within our IP ranges.

Alternatively, if they are accessing remote and having access issues for R2, as the admin, you can always create an account for them and send them the username/password info.  They can then change the password after logging in. 

Here is how you create an account for someone:

  1. Log into your R2
  2. Click on admin
  3. On left had side of page, under “Institution Management”, click on “user management” 
  4. Click on “add new user”
  5. Fill out all information. You will have to create them a username/password.
  6. Click on Save. 
  7. Once a user logs in, they can click on “My R2”  and under “My user profile” change their password.