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This page provides links for Library catalogs, ebook Lists, and searchable eBook Collections.

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Use these  sources to help you identify useful Books and materials in your chosen topic. 

What we don't own, we can purchase or borrow from other Libraries.

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Our eBooks come from the following collections. 

The best way to search INSIDE eBooks is to use the search engines and navigation tools (toc, index, etc.) provided by the vendors. 

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Need Assistance? We are happy to help! Please contact Your Librarian :

Michele Matucheski, MLIS, AHIP
Medical Librarian - Ascension Wisconsin
Phone  (920) 223-0340

Available Monday - Friday


Need Assistance? We are happy to help!   Please contact Your Librarian :

Kellee Selden, MLIS, MSMI
Manager & Medical Librarian
Ascension Clinical & Network Services
Phone (414) 585-1626
Available   Monday - Friday